Pike Lincoln County Port Authority
210  W Main St., Bowling Green, MO 63334        Phone: (573) 324-4297         Fax: (573) 324-2114          Email:pikelincolncountyport@yahoo.com


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Labor & Workforce

Pike and Lincoln County have a very diverse labor pool possessing various skills to accomodate economic expansions.  The local economic development team will work with companies to assist with finding qualified employees, as well as setting up appropriate training and educational opportunities for skill enhancement.


Major Employers for Pike County

Employer # of Employees
All Parts 120
Northeast Correctional Center 576
Northeast Community Action Corporation 316
Pike County 92
Pike County Memorial Hospital 170
True Manufacturing 200
 Walmart 200

Lincoln County Major Employers

Employer                                                 # Of Employees
Bodine 730
Cuivre River Electric 135
Lincoln County 200
Lincoln County Home Health 236
Walmart 400
Witte Brothers Exchange 250

Occupational Wage Data
Northeast Missouri Region
2015 Average Hourly Wage Estimates

General & Operations Managers $33.77
Industrial Production Managers $49.55
Construction Managers $35.15
First Line Supervisors,  Production & Operating $24.27
Electricians $27.05
Plumbers/Pipe Fitters $25.32
Heating,A/C, & Refrigeration Mechanics $14.28
Operating Engineers, Construction Equipment $28.08
Construction Laborers $20.62
Welders/Cutters $16.90
Fabricators/Assemblers $13.03
Production Workers $12.62
Secretaries/Administrative Assistant  $13.21
Office Clerks, General  $12.80
Data Entry Keyers  $12.25
 Retail Salesperson $12.60


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